HISTORY : Manoir Caubeyran.



Manoir Caubeyran dates back to circa.1540.


The Manoir was constructed by the noble family ‘De Forcade’, who had moved to the Sud-Gironde from the Bearn. The owners took the title ‘Forcade de Caubeyran’, simplified to de Caubeyran. The Manoir remained in the possession of the Forcade de Caubeyran family for centuries.



The Manoir’s original address was the parish of Montclaritz, now spelt ‘Monclaris’ in modern French. However parish addresses were abolished for communes following the French Revolution.


Unfortunately Monclaritz parish records predating 1800 have been destroyed.


I have been able to establish the history from a number of sources, but chiefly the published article ‘Cinq Paroisses Du Bazadais’, ‘ Les Seigneurs De Montclaritz’, published monthly in 1924/5/6/7/8/9. Author Fr MAUR.


The article articulates the history of the noble family DE FORCADE, the original owners of the Manoir and titled Lords of Caubeyran.


Historians and genealologists agree that the noble family De Forcade originate in Orthez-de-Bearn. They are recorded as Seigneurs Bearnais in the 12th century.


A branch of the family who moved to Montclaritz, took the title Forcade de Caubeyran.


The Forcade de Caubeyran branch of the family no longer exist.



Records that exist in the Bibliotheque Nationale, Cabinet des Titres  –  Dictionnaire des Familles Francaises Anciennes ou Notables, fully mention that the noble family Forcade de Caubeyran are fixed in Monclaritz in the 16th century. We can take it from this the family were of some importance.


The first registered owner was Jean 2nd De Forcade.

We know from records that he was already resident, when he further purchased the Moulin de Piquemil on 15th September 1577.

Jean 2nd De Forcade was registered as a merchant and farmer.

The Moulin de Piquemil, near the church of Montclatitz, still exists, and is the family home of our neighbours, the Manent family.


We know from the death testament of Jean 2nd de Forcade, in 1606, that he was married to Marie Colliere, and that they had two children;

1. Etienne De Forcade,

Jean 3rd De Forcade, who took the title ‘Sieur De Caubeyran’, Lord of Caubeyran.


Jean 3rd de Forcade, married Jeanne de Lucmajour, on 7th May 1615, and they had six children;

1. Louis 1st de Forcade de Caubeyran. More below.

2. Pierre Louis de Forcade de Caubeyran, who took holy orders and like his parents simply signed himself ‘Caubeyran’. We don’t know much about his early ministries but he was the Cúre of Sigalens and Aillas-le-Vieux from 1684 to 1697, and retired to ‘Manoir de Caubeyran’ after an illness. He died on 21 January 1700 celebrating mass in the church of Montclaritz.

3. Jean Francois de Forcade. Priest. Assisted at the mass in Montclaritz, in 1704, of his niece Marie de Caubeyran and Jean Dalas de Lamy.

4. Marie de Forcade. Married Sr Francois Pommier de Samazan.

5. Pierre de Forcade. Died in Montclatitz on 17th October 1716, aged 88.

Pierre Castex de Forcade. Died 1670.




Louis 1st de Forcade de Caubeyran married Bertrande de Ferrand on the 5th October 1653. They had five children.

1. Jean-Etienne de Caubeyran. More Below.

2. Ursule de Caubeyran. Died in Montclaritz in 1703, aged 33.

3. Jeanne de Caubeyran. Married Francois de Malonne Lord of Martet on 1st Febuary 1690.

4. Marie de Caubeyran, who married Jean Delas de Lami de la Renardieere de Noailhac, on 15th September 1704. Jean Delas died in 1728 aged 60 and Marie de Caubeyran returned to live in Montclaritz. She died on the 25 August 1732 aged 63.

Etienne de Forcade, Lord of Caubeyran and Fontet. He married Anne de Roux and had one son and one daughter. He lived in Montclaritz and died in 1706 aged 50.



Jeanne 4th Etienne de Forcade de Caubeyran married Anne de Forcade. They had eleven children including;

1. Louis de Forcade de Caubeyran. Born 1687. Became an officer in the Regiment de Santerre and always signed ‘Le Chevalier de Caubeyran’. Served in La Martinique. He died in France on 13th September 1765 aged 78.

2. Marie-Anne de Caubeyran. Born 7th July 1692. Died in 1724, aged 32.

3. Marie de Caubeyran. Born 16th September 1694. Died in her seventies.

4. Jean-Francois de Caubeyran. Baptized 4th December 1697. Died at an unknown young age.

5. Jean-Louis de Caubeyran. Born 25 febuary 1697. Died in 1698, aged 12 months.

6. Etienne-Louis de Caubeyran.

7. Louis de Caubeyran. Born 23rd April 1699.

8. Etienne de Caubeyran. Born 2nd July 1700.

9. Ursule de Caubeyran. Born 16 September 1701. Died 1773.

Marie-Therese de Caubeyran. Baptized 23rd September 1702. Died 24 March 1704.





1704—2005 under current research……..more soon!!




The Manoir was purchased by Mark and Veronica Mulholland in 2005.








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